Hitchin Fun Club

Transport & Pickups

We pick up the Whitehill School  children via walking bus.

The pickup fee of £1.00 per child goes towards expenses incurred.



The Hitchin Fun Club picks up from:

  • Highbury Infant
  • Whitehill Junior

School Pick-up Procedure

  • Each member of staff is given a list of children to collect and the order to be picked up.
  • On arrival at the school the children should be waiting in an area designated by the school (Usually the school dining room or reception)
  • If the child/children are not in the designated area, the driver will first make enquiries at the school office as to their whereabouts.
  • If a child is not located or not on the list, the Play Assistant will ring base for contact to be made with parent/carer.
  • Children are not to be left unattended, unless in a secure area.
  • Children must wear seat belts provided.

Fun Club Parent/Carer Collection Procedures

Parent/carers must collect children from Fun Club at their arranged time and must sign them out with time and signature on the register. If there is an occasion where a parent/carer asks another person to collect the child, who is not known to the fun club, please arrange this with the Fun Club before the child is due to attends.

If a parent/carer is going to be late, Fun Club should be advised as soon as possible.

All children must be collected by 18.00 hours. There is a late pick up charge of £1 per minute after 6pm.

Holiday Visit Procedures

During holiday time, children reach excursion destinations either on foot, by car, train or coach. Extra vigilance is needed when traveling longer distances than usual. Walking two by two or “crocodile” fashion when traveling on foot with an adult at the front and back is the safest method to use. Coach companies are asked by the Fun Club to provide copies of relevant insurance documents and named drivers registration number. Staff are aware of children in their charge, and take regular roll calls. It is of prime concern to us that all children in our care reach and return from excursions safety. Every effort must be made by all staff to ensure that this is so.